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At Agricultural Tours Riverina detail lies at the heart of all that we do. We have been working with groups long enough to know that every group, every tour is different. That’s why we like to work closely with group leaders, administrators, teachers in the planning stages, to ensure every tour group gets the best outcomes from their tour experience. In completing this form please be as specific as you possibly can – it will help us deliver the best value for your tour investment. Detail is good. Also, don’t make assumptions about what we can and can’t deliver – we pride ourselves on having satisfied some complex and unusual requests and will do our best to provide for your special requirements.

If you need help completing this form, contact us by email at or by telephone on +61 (0)419 407 804. Leave your name and a return telephone number.

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    Please be specific in describing your intended tour outcomes

    Here are some example outcomes for your guidance.

    • To have partly satisfied Curriculum Component ACTDEK044 of the Year 10 Design and Technologies Curriculum

    • To understand how remote data collection is used in farm business decision-making.

    • To understand supply chain mechanisms in an Australian specific industry (named).

    • To better understand why all the fuss over the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

    • To recognise how Australian farmers manage their farm businesses through drought and other climatic extremes.

    • To know some of the latest research objectives in a specific (named) industry sector.

    • To undertake your standard one day tour of the Riverina Rice Industry

    Do you want Agricultural Tours Riverina to arrange bus/coach transport, accommodation, meals? (ATR does not mark up costs of travel/accommodation/meals. We charge only for your itinerary. We simply pass on travel/accommodation/catering costs to you.)


    If it is required will you supply your own PPE and Hygienic equipment (eg safety glasses, overshoes, hearing protection, disposable gowns, gloves, masks as appropriate to the sites to be visited). Agricultural Tours Riverina can supply at cost whatever is necessary.



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