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Agricultural Tours Riverina (ATR) is a small, specialist provider of personalised and pre-planned regional learning experiences. The Riverina is one of the most productive and agriculturally diverse regions in Australia – our high-quality tours take in an interesting mix of local agricultural enterprises, and approaches and attitudes to farming, the environment and rural communities.

We know the Riverina – most importantly, where the best farms and enterprises are. Our professional team delivers tour programs that cover rice, nuts, stone fruit, grapes, wineries, citrus, vegetables, juicing plants, agricultural engineering, water management, transport and logistics, cereal cropping, as well as sheep and cattle production throughout the Eastern states.

The Riverina is the largest wine producing region in NSW. The area is also a massive fresh produce enterprise that supplies half the East coast. The food bowl stretches as far as Wagga Wagga in Southwest New South Wales. This entire region can be patronised in its totality by you on one of our bespoke farm tours.

You’ll be able to bottle feed baby animals, study agricultural business and participate in other interactive farm animal experiences. Why not complement your family farm experience with a lesson about irrigation? You’ll find the experience informative, pleasant and one to remember at Agricultural Tours Riverina.

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The Riverina is one of Australia’s most productive agricultural regions.

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Whats Happening in the Riverina – January, February & March 2021


January You might have heard: It gets hot in the Riverina in summer. In fact, the long hot sunny days help make the region so productive. Good soils, predictable irrigation water supplies and high levels of rural technology are complemented by long hours of sunlight to encourage growth in the irrigated crops. January is

Quest Apartments Griffith


Late in 2020 we were approached by Sophie Sun, franchisee for Quest Apartments Griffith with a novel suggestion – could we arrange a tour offering insights and information about agriculture in the Riverina region? The tour was for all QUEST staff likely to come into contact with Apartment guests. The idea was to ensure

Citrus Harvest and Cherry Harvest In November


With cherry harvesting time just around the corner, it’s an exciting time for patrons of Agricultural Tours Riverina. Seedlings have been planted, fertilised and irrigated, they’ve grown and now they’re ready for picking, packing and distribution to markets across Australia and the rest of the world.  The Citrus Life Cycle The first stage of


The participants were impressed not only by your knowledge in agriculture but also your passion to share information outside of the itinerary.  We have learnt a lot from the different site visits as well as your sharing on the bus
- Chloe Cai, Office of Global Engagement, University of Sydney -
Great memories of touring that important ag area.
- John Miller, SouthWest Ag Texas -
What a terrific tour arranged by a highly professional group.
- A. East, Cootamundra -
Will make this short, but hope you’ll see how valuable your input has been!........... As always, thanks for all you put together. It has added immeasurably to this adventure!
- W. Linn Montgomery, Professor Emeritus of Biology, Department of Biological Sciences, Northern Arizona University -
You did a good job making relationships with the farmers and businesses and put together a tour that covered a lot of different types of agriculture -- it was really informative. I will recommend ATR to anyone I know that has an interest.
- Steven, Beef Farmers from Alberta, Canada -