Coleambally short tours now available


Coleambally is a small town purpose built in the 1970s to service the Coleambally Irrigation Scheme.

Bruce Dalgleish is a local consultant agronomist who has employed his skills in producing high quality olive and wine grape products under the label “Yarrow Park Winery and Olive Grove”. Bruce asked us to contribute some short tours to a tourism program he is developing. The tours we arranged cover farms producing rice, mixed cropping, Chinese Red Dates and of course, olives.

Chinese Red Dates (“jujubes” or “Hong Zao”) are a staple of Chinese cuisine. Not many people know they are produced in Australia. They can be eaten fresh, in which case they taste somewhere between an apple and a pear. In their dried state they turn red and are used for cooking, for making tea and in various other ways. In metropolitan markets in Sydney Red Dates are snapped up by the Australia-resident Chinese community.