This document describes our COVID19 preparedness.  If you see difficulties or gaps in our Plan relating to your tour’s special requirements please let us know and we’ll make every attempt to adapt to your particular circumstances.

Download our COVID19 preparedness document.

Even though there is plenty of advice available to retailers, restaurants, destination sites, etc running a tours service presents different issues relating to COVID 19 precautions when designing a tour itinerary.  Most important of course is the fact that our tours take people to farms, factories and other sites managed by their owners and operators.   That might help explain the first Action in our preparedness Plan that follows.



  1.  Ask managers of all sites to be visited and all services to be used as part of each itinerary to outline what measures they have taken to minimize the spread of COVID 19.
  2. Take note of directives and advice from appropriate health authorities about local lockdowns and other matters.
  3. Ensure a central list is kept of names and addresses of all participants on a tour.
  4. Provide sufficient quantities of hand sanitizer and sanitized wipes and face masks, appropriate to each tour group.
  5. Maintain social distancing of 1.5 metres wherever possible.  Where social distancing cannot be maintained, ensure its lack for the shortest possible duration.
  6. Where groups are assembled at each site being visited ensure where possible they assemble in the open air or in covered but not enclosed spaces.
  7. Exclude from tours clients who are unwell and avoid visits to sites where managers or staff are unwell.
  8. When catering is provided by ATR, avoid self service or buffet style meals.
  9. Ensure regular sanitization of shared equipment – eg hand-held UHF radios – and shared hard surfaces.


Agricultural Tours Riverina has always been conscious of hygiene and safety.  Our awareness is a requirement of site managers for reasons of biosecurity and animal (and staff) welfare.  Well before COVID 19 we kept a store of face masks, ear plugs, hair nets and gloves and had ready access to overshoes and disposable gowns for our client groups visiting food processing sites, for instance.  Extending our efforts to cover the extra precautions required by the pandemic is consistent with our ongoing culture of care.