Repeat business in school excursions


Schools are often discouraged from offering excursions for their students because of the extra administration involved, unaware that much of the administrative load can be outsourced to Agricultural Tours Riverina.

For a group of senior secondary agriculture students we recently arranged a one-day series of visits illustrating the supply chain for barley, from farms to malting processes and export logistics.   Another secondary school with multiple campuses spread across NSW has been a repeat customer of Agricultural Tours Riverina for several years.

We have arranged itineraries focused on food technology and agricultural sustainability for senior geography and other students. Our next program focusses on large scale food preparation and delivery and will involve visits to a major bakery, to a food hall within a major shopping centre and to a university research project where students will learn of the benefits of insect-based protein. Some of the luckier (and more adventurous) students in the group will have an opportunity to sample a range of edible insects.

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Senior secondary students of agriculture see barley ready for malting. Each silo contains barley from a particular farm so brewers, distillers and bakers using the malted barley will have precise records of provenance.