Sustainable Tourism Returning To Riverina Post COVID-19


The reasons why people visit the Riverina are vast and vary greatly. There is an exceptional sense of a desire to return to earth when people from Australia’s capital cities call asking to visit the Riverina region. There is an innate human need to understand where food comes from and to gather an appreciation for the subtleties of biological engineering, food production and harvest. This need is undeniably driven by a sense of affinity between what we eat and what we grow – you are what you eat, after all.

Sustainable agricultural tourism is one way to better acknowledge the processes that deliver food from the earth to capital cities. It provides a pleasant opportunity to witness firsthand the movement of food from seed to feed and to learn firsthand about the processes that contribute to the conservation of natural resources. Fertiliser, irrigation and soil testing once understood give great scope for nurturing life back home. Talking candidly to farmers and others involved in the rural economy provides insights not otherwise obtainable. The economic, social and environmental lessons taught at Agricultural Tours Riverina are valuable.

Wine production is one particular area of interest that we find has a positive impact on local forms of tourism. Wineries tend to operate all year round, and what better time to visit than in the warmer months of Spring and Summer?

Wineries in the Riverina produce a substantial volume of wine that is exported to the globe, utilising extensive planning and management networks to do so. 1 in 30 bottles of wine consumed in the United States are produced in the Riverina region. If visiting some of Australia’s largest wine producers is of interest to you, please reach out and contact John Collins to schedule a tour.

With COVID-19 lockdown still in place across the three Easternmost states of Australia, Riverina tourism remains one of the most enjoyable ways to get away from home and see the rest of Australia. Riverina tourism through Agricultural Tours Riverina, in particular, offers a wonderful escape that is informative and sustainable. You don’t need to worry about your carbon footprint while exploring the farms the Riverina has to offer. Instead, you will be learning about eco-friendly farming practice sustained by hundreds of years of technological advancement.

With our bespoke tours we offer insights into natural and cultural heritage of local communities and local populations within the Riverina food bowl. Learn about cultural heritage and traditional land ownership in the natural areas spotting the Riverina.

While Riverina operators have noted that the outbreak of coronavirus has slowed tourism to a large degree, business has been improving since April, 2020. Tourism revenue has improved by 48% since the start of lockdown which is a positive indicator that safety smart travellers are returning to the regional towns of New South Wales to undertake responsible tourism in increasing droves.

We, at Agricultural Tours Riverina, are attempting to catch the attention of travellers who would, in usual circumstances, be journeying overseas during their extracurricular time. We offer a full range of bespoke tours, and can facilitate your stay in the Riverina region with ease. We are happy to take your call at any time, so don’t delay, simply pick up the phone today.

Call John Collins on 0419 407 804 to discuss booking a tour for you, your family, friends, workmates or other small group to the Riverina, NSW. We offer affordable tours packages that will leave you with a greater understanding of how the farms of New South Wales work.