and fish farms, malted grains, water markets, bioenergy production, jujubes, water management, automated farming, tree nuts, cotton ginning, food processing, soil microbiome enhancement, farm financing, biochar, flavour and aroma extraction, RAMSAR listed wetlands, liquorice, farm management techniques for growing climatic variability, regenerative farming techniques, art deco period and vernacular architecture, organic farming systems, different types of business structures, automated farm management systems, vehicle guidance by satellite, intermodal freight nodes, vegetable/animal/aromatic oils,  bankless irrigation channels, on-farm value adding, transport logistics, wine/whisky/cider/beer, pollination services, stud breeding of horses/working dogs/cattle/earthworms/sheep, landforming, cheesemaking, maize, sentinel animals,  The Murray Darling Basin Plan, river biome restoration,  factors in farm business decision making,  livestock exchanges, rural and environmental research, emu farm, cherries, on-farm biosecurity, apricots,  abattoirs, Wiradjuri language restoration, Murrumbidgee River floodplain,  chocolate, designing product marketing campaigns, flower farming, biocontrols of insect pests, regional tourism, canola,  industry supply chains, farm business succession, government regulation and compliance measures, prunes, solar farms, cold country berries, agricultural aircraft, apples, on-farm irrigation design and engineering, jojoba, export controls, farmer cooperatives, sunflowers, juicing and table citrus, ethnic diversity, floodplains,  pomegranates, olives for table and oil, oats, phytosanitary measures, animal welfare, barley, red gum forests, rural health and welfare, Aboriginal histories and culture, industry associations and politics, soil types and soil archives, spelt, hay exports, European carp controls, market-oriented plant breeding, dairying, beeswax for nutraceuticals, poultry, dryland broadacre farming, woolbroking, farm waste disposal and utilization, animal nutrition and feeds production, rural engineering, purpose-built and organic-growth towns, grains quality management, sawmilling, rural skills training, historical phases from pre-invasion to market-based, fat lambs,  farm machinery dealers, regional population trends, rural workforces, citrus export arrangements, alpine to semi-arid biozones, farm forestry….


AGRICULTURAL TOURS RIVERINA is your ticket to the Riverina Region of NSW.  We utilize the skills and networks of switched-on specialists to write educational and technical itineraries for education and industry clients.

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