Meet The Farmers – Peter & Erin Draper, “Willow Park” & Jonty Shuter


Peter and Erin Draper live at Willow Park, a 452 hectare farm on the outskirts of the township of Leeton in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area.  Leeton township was purpose built to house engineers and labourers during construction of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Scheme in early decades of the twentieth century.  Today it is the administrative

Agricultural Tours Riverina Coronavirus Preparedness


Agricultural Tours Riverina remains active during the COVID 19 hiatus and looks forward to helping you design educational tours ready to be conducted as soon as circumstances permit. Schools Newsletter July 2020 BE PREPARED Ensure your students can begin visits to farms, factories and infrastructure sites as soon as public health directives and school



AGRICULRURAL TOURS RIVERINA IS A COVID19 – PREPARED TOURS BUSINESS This document describes our COVID19 preparedness.  If you see difficulties or gaps in our Plan relating to your tour’s special requirements please let us know and we’ll make every attempt to adapt to your particular circumstances. Download our COVID19 preparedness document. Even though there

How is Rice Grown In Australia?

We’re pleased to announce that we have conducted our first Riverina tour in four months. The tour saw six intelligent, curious people from Sydney investigating where food and fibre comes from. They viewed rice, cotton and citrus farms in the Riverina region. The aim of the tour was to give the kind people a

Riverina Farm Tours For Students


A farming tour is a great experience for primary and high school students. It gives them a chance to see where the food they eat and the clothes they wear each day come from.  Students can learn a lot about the farming cycle, food production and the business of farming by visiting farms included in

Riverine Ag Tours Newsletter for June 2020

Agricultural Tours Riverina remains active during the COVID19 hiatus and is already working with several clients, designing itineraries to run at the earliest opportunity – John Collins, Manager. ATTENTION TO HEALTH AND HYGIENE Agricultural Tours Riverina (ATR) conducts tours of Australian agriculture.  We are COVID19 aware and pay particular attention to the health and hygiene